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What we do

Something About Us

Amerai is a boutique-branding studio with a passion for design and business strategies. Our unique branding services are focussed on the fashion, hospitality, wellness, lifestyle and luxury sectors.

We develop highly customised packages in close collaboration with our clients and believe in crafting brands that tell a story.

How we do it

Our team is highly skilled business school graduates who work hand-in-hand with creative designers and artists in order to develop sustainable brands. 

Amerai takes on each project with love and we invite you to be part of that story.


We provide branding services for fashion, hospitality, wellness, and luxury sectors. 


Fashion, lifestyle and wellness

Industry Analysis

Trend Analysis & Forecasting

Strategic Branding



Brand Identity

Brand Interior Design

Brand Management & Growth


Stationary & Print

Brand Style Guide


Art & Illustration

Web Design & Development

E-commerce Design & Management

Product & Service Design

Instagram Content creation

Photography & Videography

Hotel and Luxury Experiences

Brand Positioning

Concept Innovation

Trend Analysis & Forecasting

Clients journey

Customer Experience

Interior Design

Living the brand

Brand Identity

Stationary Design

Website Design

Communication Strategies

Photography & Videography